TED Presentation – Heart Transplants

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Slide Link: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1sHPe63e4k64PnhZEy-2nAa38oWhXzLngAdqP3mQThnY/edit#slide=id.p

This is a presentation I did in my TED class. It is about how heart transplant surgeries work, and the risks about it.

Heart transplant surgeries are putting somebody else’s heart into a patient to make them live. However, it is a very rare surgery. Here are the reasons why :

  1. It is a very hard surgery – If you don’t get the heart fast enough, the heart will not be able to be used. Also, the donors need to have no heart problems and the blood type should match.
  2. There are many side effects/risks – The risk of heart attacks increases, and you will likely die in 5 years.
  3. It costs a lot- Since it is a very hard surgery, it costs a lot. Those who are in poverty, or can not afford the money, would not be able to have this.

Like this, heart transplant surgeries are very hard and rare. So we should hope that it is not necessary for the rest of our lives.