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Hi guys, what’s up. The DS times here. Today, I am going to talk about some scary stories, but how to stop them. Today, our topic is the blackout. You guys all know what is a blackout, right? It is when all the electricity is all out, and never comes out again.

Imagine that!!! Terrifying, right? So, I learned at my academy about how to prevent it. First of all, we need to save electricity and make a new energy source. My teacher told us that Korea almost experienced blackouts, and actually, some parts of our country actually had a blackout of a day! The government strengthens its laws after that experience. Anyways, I have one experience that I really liked. It is called an Electricity making bicycle, and it is really hard to pedal it. It is very stiff. I bet no one can ride that bike smoothly. It produces electricity, and it was really fun. The lightbulb really brightened! So, this was my post about the blackout, (Sorry, I was continuing this post after months, so, I kinda forgot the flow and story of this blog.) Bye!