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Hi guys, whats up. I am Daniel, and today, I am going to tell you my experiences about my trip to JEJU Island. Before we begin, lets quickly go over about what is JeJu Island.

JeJu island is an Island in South Korea. It has the most highest mountain in Korea, which is MT. Hanla. JeJu is below the South Korea peninsula.


It is famous for its rock statues and many delicious foods. I went to JEJU Island at last summer. I did a lot of things, such as:

  1. MT.Hanla
  2. Foods
  3. Other things

First, I went to Mountain Hanla. As I said before, it is the highest mountain in South Korea. It is the hardest mountain to climb. However, when our family climbed it, it was raining. So, it was so slippery. My parents were kind of slow, so I went first. I went straight up and up, and I had some near-death experiences, but thanks to my climbing stick, I survived. The rocks were slippery, so when I was at the top, I was all wet. However, I am proud now that I climbed this mountain. You should try it too.

I really like eating. So, when I went to Jeju, it was paradise for me. There was so many things to eat. I will recommend some to you. Meat soup, fish, and meat. If you do some research, you’ll know what I mean.

For the last thing, there are many museums in JeJu Island. I hope you research them and go there.



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