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Hi guys, its Daniel.

I am sure some of you here probably heard of TED ED. Right?


So, in South Korea, SETEC, many kids in Daechi Forum, Korean history class, and many other classes went there and presented their speech. Their speech was recorded, and I was in there too. I will now share my experience.

First, how did I even go there? To start the (long) story, I first joined the Korean history class by seeing it on the newspaper. So, I went to the academy, and eventually went to the TED class. I was listening in the TED class, and there the teachers told us that they will host a TED ED speech event. At first, I didn’t want to join. I was busy enough. However, I thought it will be fun if I do it, so I went in.

The teachers did the scheduling very well. First, we needed to think about the topic we needed to talk about, our passion. I thought three, which were music, cubes, and making my life meaningful. Well, I chose “Making my life meaningful”, because that seemed to be the best topic. So, as my topic is there, I needed to think what I should talk about. Hook, background information, Thesis, etc. Seeing that, I dived my speech’s content into six main parts: Intro, Mindset, Willpower, Personal experience, Benefits, and Conclusion. (I didn’t realize this would cause a problem-_-). After that, we prepared our scripts and slides. I know my essay is terrible, and my teachers feedbacked me very much. However, I was confident about the slides. I used the Pecha Kucha style. A Pecha Kucha is a slide where you put no words, and not too many pictures. For me, those slides look very clean. After our scripts and ppt was done, it was time for memorizing time.


It was just a paragraph, but the preparation time took months. It actually took approximately 4 months. After that 4 months, it was finally the time for presentation. At August 13th, My family went to SETEC, and I met some of my friends there. It was fun. When we got there, we needed to rehearsal, and the actual presentation began. There was 2 big teams, and I was in the second team, which means that I am going almost last. I waited for the first group to end. They were good. The middle schoolers said something about micro-plastic, quantum computers, etc. I was stunned of how good they were. After the first group ended, there was a brief magic show, and the second group started. I watched nervously as the speakers present their speech. After what seemed like years, it was my turn.

My topic is about: how to live a meaningful life. I presented about willpower and mindset, but the most important thing is that (not bragging) I was not nervous. I just liked the fact that I was going to a youtube channel. I just presented my best. However, I forgot what I needed to say when I was in the middle of presenting. So, I just stammered for a second, and just skipped a third of a paragraph. However, I managed to skip that fluently, so, it’s a relief.

After all the speakers finished, it was time for the awards. I wasn’t expecting any for me, and if i get one, I was expecting the bronze. There was 3 bronze, 1 silver, and 1 gold. When they announced the bronze awards, my name wasn’t called, so I was kinda depressed. However, when they called the silver awards, it was me! I hurried forward, and got my prize.

After that, I felt so happy that i actually got a prize. In the link below, there is the youtube link (please press the like button), and my script. Thanks for reading until the end.

My video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bwrOMPaIwQ

Script: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GWMl1XyYo7eBRy6ZMl62kkQey_ECED6AzDi21hF-mLU/edit